Senior Management Appointment – Carl Cagliarini

We are pleased to announce and introduce Carl Cagliarini, who joined the Wavesight management team in November  2017 . While his prime responsibility will be to help introduce the brand and the products into the US he will also help the management team redefine the on-going strategy for customer led product development.

Carl is a well-known figure in the telecommunications and defence industries, with extensive international experience and success of generating customer focused technology innovation. Prior to joining the Wavesight team, Carl built a global sales presence for a number of successful technology start-ups. In his previous role as a board appointed executive at Radio Physics, Carl defined a completely new direction for one of their incubation technologies, which is now the focus of their sole business direction. Carl also served as an executive consultant to the founders of Yandex NASDAQ (YNDX) and in this role he took the lead on developing a new paradigm of innovation and focus that saw Infinet Wireless move from a ‘door close ‘ to one of the most successful privately funded Wireless companies in current existence. 

Carl’s work also has many IEEE recognized achievements, including the first $XX M sales order of early Wi-Fi based technologies in 1998. Carl has since been responsible for the initial adoption of the first commercial sales of U-3G and U-LTE Wireless technologies as a primary source of internet connectivity and backhaul for many global cellular companies.

Carl also serves as Chairman of an educational trust that was recently given an excellence accolade in the 2017 UK Government review for education.