Perry Hall, MD, USA  March 21, 2024.

Wind Talker Innovations is pleased to announce a new Reseller relationship with PNT Consulting, LLC for sale of Wavesight fixed wireless and other equipment in the US market. Wavesight is a leading global provider of advanced networking solutions designed to deliver connectivity and quality service to providers working to address the digital divide in the United States.  Wind Talker is establishing Reseller relationships acting in their capacity as a Master Reseller for Wavesight in the US market.

Wind Talker Innovations is an innovative software technology company working with Wavesight to integrate their proprietary Osmosis software as firmware to further empower Wavesight communications devices with new and unique networking features.  These technological advancements result in savings of both capital and operating expenses. Osmosis-enabled devices auto-discover, auto-configure, and self-architect simplifying and reducing deployment times while producing more reliable, stable, and more affordable networks with simplified management tools.

Wavesight’s US market launch includes cutting-edge 6GHz PtP and PtMP solutions from their FireFly and Scorpion model ranges as well their top-of-the-line DragonFly series outdoor and indoor WiFi 6 Access Points.  Additional product releases will follow including items from both their existing product catalogue as well as new solutions in development specifically targeted to maximize opportunities for providers and operators in the US market.  Each innovative offering is designed to elevate connectivity standards, delivering more resilient and reliable high-speed internet access across various user environments.

“We are excited to work with our new partners as these Osmosis-enabled devices bring new functionality and shift the conventional paradigm of network architecture.  We look forward to working collaboratively with our partners to develop solutions that meet the needs of their customers in serving all communities, served and underserved” said Brandon Craig, CEO of Wind Talker Innovations.

“We’re looking forward to getting started with our new partners at Wind Talker.  These products provide new opportunities to deliver the latest in cost-effective, reliable solutions to our clients.  The automated functionality enabled by these devices will help us save our clients time and money on their projects and give us new tools in reaching those clients in traditionally underserved and higher-cost rural areas,” said Todd Harvey, Operations Manager of PNT Consulting, LLC. 

Expressing his enthusiasm for this new partnership, Managing Director of Wavesight, stated David Saldanha , “We welcome PNT Consulting as a Reseller of Wind Talker in the US and look forward to their collaborative efforts to develop solutions and solve challenges involved in extending connectivity with our hardware and technology solutions. 

We welcome Todd and the rest of the PNT team to our expanding network of Wavesight hardware Resellers.  Their vast experience and holistic approach to managing project details from start to finish produces outstanding results and high levels of client satisfaction,” said Brad Johnson, Head of Sales for Wind Talker Innovations.

Organizations interested in potential Reseller relationships should contact Wind Talker Innovations through their website,

About Wind Talker Innovations, Inc.  Wind Talker Innovations developed Osmosis, a revolutionary new spectrum agnostic software technology that enhances network connectivity and functionality.  When integrated within OEM hardware, devices auto-discover, auto-configure in a self-architecting, self-healing, secure, unlimited, dynamic mesh network.  Data is routed in the most efficient manner through any available path, functioning even when off-grid enabling providers to connect users and enable smart community connections to critical societal support networks and anchor institutions.  Wind Talker is dedicated to delivering solutions that change how the world thinks about data communications.  For more information about Wind Talker Innovations, visit

About PNT Consulting, LLC. PNT Consulting is a veteran-owned wireless communications and site construction company run by experienced professionals with decades of combined experience including work with wireless carriers, federal, state, city and local government clients including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, GCI Communications, and others.  PNT provides strategic and practical network solutions offering start to finish turn-key project management from engineering design services for RF, civil, structural, and electrical as well as construction, installation, and A&E services.  For more information about PNT Consulting, LLC, visit