About Wavesight

Through our extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable, and secure communication and hybrid energy platforms; managed by cloud-based software, Wavesight helps governmental agencies public safety operators and small to large enterprises connect their people , assets and machines with the help of powerful and seamless communications networks.

Wavesight is headquartered in Bedfordshire U.K and with manufacturing centres in England, Europe, Israel and India. Founded in 1999, the company is privately owned.


Wavesight provides sustainable transmission and connectivity solutions which are cost-effective and reliable, allowing assets and people to operate in a connected world.


To create a better-connected world through technology solutions


At Wavesight, we build quality in through design, manufacturing, testing, partner selection, and support, to ensure our clients are delivered responsive, reliable, and dependable communications infrastructure. Customers choose Wavesight solutions over other systems because they work first time – and do not stop. Our quality, warranty and price are unbeatable. We understand and value the demands of mission critical communications and deliver solutions that safeguard your vital connectivity.

Wavesight operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of bespoke wireless networks, hybrid energy and mobile access solutions and the procurement, supply and maintenance of associated products.

Wavesight has received Quality Assurance Notification ( QAN) that we conform to a quality assurance of a product process ( Module B) , This in particular pertains to equipment , protectives systems and components intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres ( Directive 2014/34/EU) ( Directive UKSI 2016:2017 Schedule 3 A Part 2).

Further , Wavesight has also received EU Type Approval and Certification for ATEX Products ( products or protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres) in line with standards EN IEC 60079:2018, EN IEC 60079-1: 2014 and EN IEC-31 60079 : 2014


Adapt to the needs of Customers

Wavesight product development strategy are driven 100% by the needs of our customers. Wavesight customers are deploying the latest industry innovations via our products with the confidence that they will seamlessly integrate with tomorrow’s solutions. We understand and value the demands of mission critical communications and deliver solutions that safeguard your vital connectivity.

Convergence of Technologies

We connect people, places, and machines. The technology landscape is evolving daily – and so are we. Wavesight offers a convergence of technologies that deliver high performance, secure and scalable solutions.

Comprehensive range

Our technologies provide a comprehensive product line for a wide variety of market segments that need high performance, secure scalable solutions.

End to end Solutions

We offer end to end solutions – hardware, firmware, software, and management platforms. Where we can’t do it ourselves, we partner with credible providers tp provide an integrated solution


Wavesight serves customers through a global network of strategic in country partners. Our experienced system engineering teams are available to provide professional service through our portal and locally via the strategic partner network.










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