Access Points

Dragonfly has a wide range of Access Points ( 802.11 AX and AC series ), ready to be deployed in any vertical. This way, the client chooses the Access Point that best suits his budget and needs. All Dragonfly Access Points are intelligent and help make team decisions to optimize the network easy (in real time),while learning from the environment. The intelligence of the network is distributed among the Access Points itself . In this way, designing, sizing, and scaling networks is trivial.

The ability and advantages of Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, to instantly route traffic – even to devices at the edge of very crowded networks – will also change the way we interact with our smart devices. It will even rework the way smart devices communicate with each other.

The data sheets below help outline the specification of the Indoor and Outdoor Access Points (AX Series). Also available are Indoor and Outdoor Access Points (AC Series).

Dragon Fly Indoor Access Point



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