Stay Safe and Connected In Hazardous environments
The oil and gas industry which fuels our global economy necessitates the highest level of engineering, productivity, and safety. Every aspect of exploration, extraction and refinement must be carefully orchestrated to operate continuously and maximize profits. Achieving this high level of operational excellence is not possible without advanced data, voice and video communications. Wireless Ethernet is fast becoming the preferred communication delivery system due to its excellent reliability, adaptability, and affordability. However, your communication systems should be ATEX and HAZLOC certified to assure safe operations in your potentially hazardous environments

ATEX Certified Housing and Antenna Connectors
Our range of GUB explosion proof enclosures and antenna connectors / isolators are intended for use in areas made potentially hazardous by the presence of flammable liquids, gases , vapours and dust ( Zone 1 ,2 , 21 and 22 ).

Flexibility and Product Support
The Scorpion Ex houses a suitable radio system for deployment in multi-mode scenarios using a variety of approved antennas. The NMS network management application provides full element and provisioning management and software upgrades.

ATEX Certified (Zone 1 and 2)
transmission solutions for hazardous areas

The Scorpion Ex from Wavesight has successfully demonstrated an unprecedented ability to deliver mission critical networks in harsh offshore environments while providing military grade security and long-range broadband connectivity.

Our range of solutions provides unmatched value to the energy sector by coupling best-in-breed industrial grade, purpose-built telecommunications technology with operational excellence with unequalled knowledge and expertise in the Oil & Gas field area communication networks.



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