Cognitive HotspotTM Technology

Our partner has  created  embedded software that brings intelligence to your WiFi network. Our software CHT can be installed on any AP or wireless router. Customers can still select the hardware that satisfies its needs, and we can suggest a variety of ready-to-use products consisting of our software (CHT).

Our embedded software (APs with CHT) is designed to maximize potential in challenging enterprise scenarios Our algorithms are based upon artificial intelligence paradigms, and aim to reduce interference and radiation whilst maximizing wireless performance.

Implementing and testing AP’s with CHT and studying the number and density of clients, the type of traffic, and the radio environment our engineers determined, for each resort scenario.

Our smart APs are intelligent, so they auto-configure, sense their surroundings, share information and start collaborating like a swarm, in order to optimize network resources. This is an amazing feature when you have to connect and configure hundreds of devices, accelerating deployments and reducing costs.

There are several CHT algorithms that release their potential in enterprise WiFi scenarios. They adaptively control and optimize the users and the radio resources to improve the performance of your wireless network with a high density of user devices.

Benefits of using CHT

  • Deploy a reliable, robust, secure, and fast WiFi network in your hotel, convention center, hospital, or office.
  • You decide the hardware that satisfies your needs, and we awake its potential with our smart software (CHT).

  • Less APs deployed within your buildings. Support 100+ connected devices with each AP.

  • CHT is a greener technology: less electromagnetic radiation and less power consumption.

  • CHT is a distributed intelligence with no need for a central controller which can be a single point of failure.

  • Manage your APs, analyze device’s capabilities, and collect statistics with CHT Manager.

CHT awakens your APs, releasing the true potential of your WiFi network, even in the most challenging situations. Amaze your guests and event attendees with reliable, fast, and secure communications.