Industrial Grade wireless infrastructure for complete control of manned and remote operations throughout a construction site.

Stay in control of the people, assets and machines with instant alarms from IoT sensors monitoring movement, temperature , humidity and light . Use real time insights from CCTV feeds to make informed decisions about resource planning and emergency situations. And rely on a resilient, seamless wireless network that can support operations on the site 24X7. 

Greater network coverage and capacity make it simpler to manage and automate remote operations. An intrinsically secure, high-performance wireless network provides a single, dedicated infrastructure for critical communications and digital construction applications. And with a fraction of the configuration, management and maintenance costs of Wi-Fi networks, private wireless offers a cost-effective way to deploy advanced 4G connectivity now and be ready for 5G tomorrow.

Connected Construction is a dynamic ‘always on’ network providing a continuous flow of information and analytics.


  • Connected assets:
    With sensors getting smaller, smarter, connected, and mobile, they can be put everywhere across the construction value chain. Using this technology, companies can understand soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water levels at the construction site. This can help in preventing major events like fire or water damage, etc.

  • Dynamic work planning:
    Connected construction helps in tracking material and resources effectively because the construction sites are equipped with sensors. This can help in executing the work packages/modules to plan construction activity.

  • Worker safety:
    Since construction sites need to keep a high level of focus on the health and safety of workers, connected construction technology could be leveraged to reduce work hazards. A connected data environment can help construction managers, schedulers, and operators to gain insights through real-time visuals to plan work, identify potential risks, and comply with safety requirements.

  • Real-time project visibility:
    3D data is becomingeasier to generate and collect as well as more flexible in using to make decisions. Using 3D data, designers and engineers could now generate building profiles and building parts/components in real time and help enable a connected construction environment virtually. These advances in technologies can help in identifying how structures are progressing during the construction phases. Since all data is aggregated into a digital dashboard, project managers and project teams can have real-time status updates.

  • Collaboration:
    Connected job sites can use cloud technology to make information about almost every aspect of a construction operation available to all the relevant parties, regardless of whether those parties are on site or elsewhere, improving collaboration.

  • Data analytics:
    From putting design information streamed from a single point of truth into the palms of operatives, to information by geolocation, to remote site monitoring, personnel location tracking, live mark-up’s, and the seamless transfer of as-built information, connected job sites can help deliver powerful analytics that improve project execution.



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