Governments around the world have been designating LTE spectrum for industry, and Wavesight and it partners have been pioneering small cell technology ideal for private industrial networks. That means you can deploy a private wireless network with 4.9G capabilities that is ready to meet your needs today, with a clear roadmap for a simple evolution to 5G tomorrow.

You can meet critical operational connectivity requirements with a dedicated LTE network built to handle the demands of industrial applications.

  • Intrinsic security. No LTE network has ever been compromised

  • Mission-critical reliability for near-continuous operations

  • Deep, wide coverage to connect everyone and everything

  • Predictable performance for industrial automation and real-time asset coordination

  • High capacity to easily handle the rapid growth of devices, sensors and data

  • Greater operational control and flexibility to enhance safety and respond quickly to changing business needs

  • Effortless mobility built on trusted 3GPP mobile standard


Industrial Grade Private Wireless Solution



Connect and control your digital airport with a dedicated, reliable, and secure network. A private wireless platform will become a strategic asset to the digital airport.


Create intelligent, agile factories with flexible, industrial-grade connectivity. A private wireless network provides a dedicated, industrial grade mobile network built to deliver the flexibility to rapidly reconfigure and retool production lines for quickly responding to changing demands.


Robust, high-performance connectivity for the digital mine. Private wireless networks give you a dedicated, industrial-grade network that solves the unique connectivity challenges your mines face today – and the ones they will face tomorrow.


Connect everyone and everything throughout your terminal. A private wireless network gives you a dedicated, industrial-grade network that solves the unique connectivity challenges your port faces now – and the ones it will face next.


Control and optimize smart grids with ultra-reliable pervasive connectivity. Industrial-grade private wireless networks provides efficient, reliable mission-critical connectivity for all grid equipment, applications, and personnel on a dedicated converged network.


Smart dynamic networks will become the foundation for the digital transformation of society, including our highways. Our objective is to provide an intelligent, communications and cloud-based platform to support the individual systems, process and activities associated with tomorrow’s highways


Industrial-grade wireless infrastructure for complete control of manned and remote operations throughout a construction site. Improve site safety and security. Minimize downtime by empowering project teams make smarter and quicker decisions.



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