EPC Core Network

The Enterprise core network combines all the functions required to run a full-blown private LTE/4.9G and 5G networks. Our core enterprise networks run on local or cloud-based servers. It supports up to 5000 active users, S as well as Geo-redundancy for increased availability and reliability. Additional blades can be adding for increased capacity.

Key Features

  • High Performance Software-Defined 4G EPC Core & 5G Core
  • Software-Defined solution with easy software upgrade to future versions
  • Can implement as separate 1U appliance or as software service running on eNodeB LTE Base Station for “Stand Alone” mode
  • Ideal for smaller networks up to 5000 subscribers & scale up
  • Supports LTE release 12, 13 14 & 15
  • Support VMware (optional)
  • All-in-one Architecture
    • Basic package – MME, SGW, PGW
    • Optional packages – iHSS and iPCRF
    • Value-added packages
      • Integrated L2 module
      • Interworking with Radius AAA
    • Simplified architecture – Single IP per EPC
  • EPC-integrated HSS -Suitable for small-scale networks and verticals/enterprise markets
  • Full-scale interworking with Operator’s HSS 3rd party vendor
  • Pays as you grow strategy with scalable cost-effective MC-EPC or embedded EPC


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