Transition or Tranformation.

Wi-Fi 6 is about to transform connectivity. The next generation Wi-Fi connectivity technology – along with the emerging 5G cellular generation – will shake up the way we connect with each other. The ability of Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, to instantly route traffic – even to devices on the far reaches of very crowded networks – will also change the way we interact with our smart devices. It will even rework the way smart devices communicate with each other.

But from what we have seen thus far, Wi-Fi 6 is emerging on the scene in much the same manner as previous generations of wireless technology: integrated inside the latest smartphones and laptops. And in new routers and access points that promise faster, more reliable connectivity for more devices.

To be sure, Wi-Fi 6 is providing faster, more reliable connections. Its ability to handle much more traffic at once comes at a critical time, as more laptops, smartphones, cameras, smart speakers, displays, personal and other IoT devices crowd networks with massive new data flows. And for the next couple of years, that is much of what you will come to see out of the next generation Wi-Fi: better, faster, and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Decidedly evolutionary, with important improvements.

Get a jump-start on Wi-Fi 6

This is the age of constant connectivity. From mobile phones to smart homes to every device in between, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions can meet today’s demand for 24/7 connectivity. Our Wi-Fi 6 solutions are designed to offer consistent, high-speed performance, combined with low-latency in congested networks— redefining what it means to be truly wireless.


Unleashing the potential of Wi-Fi. Discover a new era of Wi-Fi networking.

Wavesight has tied up with a leading Wi-Fi networking company in Europe, Galgus, Spain born 7 years ago and whose mission is to unleash the full potential out of Wi-Fi networks. They develop fast, reliable, robust, secure and with added value to the network Wi-Fi Technology. Currently handling 1 Million users over 48 Projects worldwide

Under the name Dragon Fly, the sale of Wi-Fi APs (access points) with the most advanced features at affordable prices, allowing System Integrators and ISPs to increase their revenues by saving CAPEX and OPEX by 60%. Wavesight offers a variety of APs that can be deployed in any vertical such as aviation, rail, bus, industry 4.0, enterprise, retail, hospitality, among others.

Dragon Fly Wi-Fi APs are equipped with dozens of advanced features that until now were forbidden to affordable Wi-Fi networks, such as automatic network optimization, remote management from the cloud, location, and monitoring of users, detection of hackers, heat mapping, advanced security, analytics, and more.

Our technology, with the help of our partner , is based on artificial intelligence and is protected by 5 international patents (USA and Europe). In addition, our partner has one of the largest Wi-Fi labs in Europe (+500 real devices) to test and verify the product.

Features Overview


  • No central controller (no bottlenecks/point of failure)
  • Distributed intelligence without central controller
  • Smart roaming (seamless handoff)
  • Automatic Channel Assignment
  • Load Balancing (real-time resource allocation)
  • Prebalancing (association control)
  • Traffic Control (bandwidth limits for users and radios)
  • Automatic Power Control
  • Smart Multicast (multicast to unicast conversion)
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Dynamic probe management for ultra-high density
  • Predictive Roaming


  • Cloud Manager
  • Integration with third-party dashboards
  • Mesh with self-healing and dynamic re-routing
  • Self configuration
  • Remote configuration
  • Remote SSH access to the APs
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Local web interface
  • Intuitive CLI (command line interface)
  • Modular licenses and auto-download


  • Location and tracking of associated devices
  • Location and tracking of unassociated devices
  • Location and tracking od devices with random MAC
  • Real-time signal strength heatmap
  • Real-time modulation and coding (MCS) heatmap
  • Real-time device capabilities heatmap
  • Coverage estimation
  • Unweiling of fake MAC address
  • Discovery of IEEE amendments supported by devices
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Spectural analysis


  • Secured communication between APs (Elliptic curve)
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention
  • Wireless Intrusion Location
  • WPA1/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise
  • WPA3 Personal & Enterprise
  • Alerts and Events
  • Integration with captive portals
  • Integration with social login
  • Firewall
  • Dynamic VLANs
  • Radius support
  • GDPR-compliant

Main Advantages

Dragonfly has a wide catalog of APs ready to be deployed in any vertical. In this way, the client chooses the Dragonfly AP that best suits his budget and needs. Projects that today are unfeasible because they do not have a specific solution, can be done with Dragonfly : with Dragonfly you can always find that hardware to undertake any project successfully.

All Dragonfly APs are intelligent and make team decisions to optimize the network (in real time), learning from the environment. The intelligence of the network is distributed among the APs: there is no centralized controller neither in the cloud, avoiding bottlenecks, critical points of failure, cost of the controller, etc. In this way, designing, sizing, and scaling Dragonfly networks is trivial.

We are the only affordable manufacturer with a Cloud Manager capable of managing tens of thousands of APs. Training is greatly simplified: AP models for vertical (from an office to a train) are configured in the same way and with the same menus and options from the same Cloud Manager. Updates are available for all APs.

Any Dragonfly AP is compatible with any other Dragonfly AP. All of them collaborating and managed from the same platform. In this way, complex hybrid projects can be made. For example, a train station in which we have (I) APs for WiFi within the trains (II) APs for ground train communications and (III) APs for stations.

Thanks to our philosophy, the product is constantly updated with new improvements, at the speed of the software. In this sense, Dragonfly is an agile company capable of developing new functionalities that projects need, and updating the entire existing plant if required (in a transparent way for the end customer)

Whatever functionality Dragonfly adds to your product, it can automatically be updated across the existing deployment of Dragonfly APs. In this way, new modules, security enhancements and new features extend the life of the installation. Traditional suppliers usually force you to change the hardware if you want these new functionalities. That is not the case with Dragonfly .

Obsolescence problems disappear, extending the useful life of networks. If a hardware is no longer available on the market, we use another 100% compatible with the entire installed deployment. We will not need to replace a network because an AP is no longer manufactured by the supplier. This also facilitates the spare parts policy.

Dragonfly also offers its WiFi expert development team to customize the solution by listening to the requests of the client’s projects when incorporating or prioritizing functionalities.

Location and Tracking Analytics


No beacons deployment


Do not bother the user


Hardware Independence


No radio fingerprinting


Locate rogue APs and hackers


4 inventions


Build services on top

For connected and unconnected devices
For real and randomised MAC addresses

Does not interrupt WiFi service


Cloud API REST On-premises

Not a Prototype

Locating hundreds of users daily

Upgradeable via software

With new features


Not based on MAC

Access Points

Cloud Manager

Cognitive HotspotTM Technology

Success Stories

Aviation: 1300 Airplanes. USA.

Hotel and Convention Centre. Spain

Railway. Rail Operator in the UK.

Golf Course. Spain

Cruise Ships

Public Buses

Stadiums. Spain. 60,000 Capacity

Barcelona Sants. Girona and Zaragoza Train Stations



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