In the manufacturing sector – the crucible of Industry 4.0 – operations have already been transformed by IIoT technologies and higher levels of automation. But now there’s increasing pressure on manufacturers to ramp up their agility, flexibility and responsiveness even further to meet fastchanging consumer demands.

That means providing reliable, resilient, wireless connectivity to support extreme automation and rapid reconfiguration on dynamic assembly lines. And it means enabling seamless collaboration between humans, robots and AMRs, helping to increase productivity and efficiency.

The trouble is, an Ethernet infrastructure is expensive and will limit the possible applications of Industry 4.0. And whilst Wi-Fi is more adaptable, it’s limited in reliability, security, predictable performance and will fail to meet future requirements.

A low-latency, high-reliability network supports remote control and context-aware collaborative robots and AMRs. High-performance, resilient and secure connectivity helps realize the productivity increases and cost reductions promised by Industry 4.0 technologies. And with LTE/4.9G technology that seamlessly evolves to 5G, manufacturers can prepare today for tomorrow’s 5G applications with minimal capital investment.


  • Predictive maintenance: Real-time data and advanced analytics to minimize downtime

  • Digital twin:
    Increased insight and mobility to support dynamic, flexible production lines

  • Machine connectivity:
    Secure, resilient LTE/4.9G to connect machines, robots, devices and people

  • Intelligent AMRs:
    High performance and low latency to increase AMR autonomy



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