With rapid shifts in supply and demand, stringent environmental constraints, and hefty regulatory mandates, it’s no surprise that mining companies are accelerating their move to automation.

Automating critical processes – from drilling and blasting to hauling and crushing – will be vital to increasing operational efficiency and mine productivity while improving worker safety. But providing the robust wireless connectivity that’s so essential for extreme automation is beyond the capabilities of today’s Wi-Fi networks. They were designed for sending emails, not automating mining operations – while TETRA and P25-based radio networks were never built for broadband data or video communications

Increase safety, efficiency and productivity – in open pit and underground mines. An Industrial-grade Private Wireless delivers robust, reliable and secure low-latency connectivity to support safer, more productive, and efficient mines.

Greater network coverage and capacity make it simpler to manage and automate remote operations. An intrinsically secure, high-performance wireless network provides a single, dedicated infrastructure for critical communications and digital mining applications. And with a fraction of the configuration, management and maintenance costs of Wi-Fi networks, private wireless offers a cost-effective way to deploy advanced 4G connectivity now and be ready for 5G tomorrow.


  • Automated drilling and blasting:
    Safer, more precise, and near-continuous operation

  • Automated loading, hauling and rail operations:
    Optimum efficiency and minimum downtime from pit to port

  • Operation-critical communications:
    Reliable, secure connectivity for person-to-person communication and remote operations

  • Situational awareness:
    Increased safety and sustainability with full visibility on people, assets and infrastructure through IoT sensors, CCTV cameras and drones



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