Solar Powered Solutions
Effective, rapidly deployable security solutions.

Our Solar division was founded on the demand of our clients need for the delivery of managed power to meet their need for reliable deployment of their communication and mission critical security systems.

Smart off-grid technology connects off-grid systems to a secure cloud computing management system. Through wireless communications, it continuously streams data from each system to the cloud and provides 24/7 operating status and power generation effectiveness. Using weather forecasting, analysis, and alerts, potential problems from impending bad weather can be anticipated and prevented. Seasonal and environmental changes can also be addressed proactively by changing load profiles in advance. If there is a system outage, the infrastructure owner can access the data history to make it easy to troubleshoot the issue, and either fix it remotely or send an engineer to the site with the right replacement part.

Smart off-grid revolutionizes the way communities’ access and control power all over the world. A city or utility official can proactively monitor, control, and manage street lighting, telecom systems, security cameras, IoT devices, and other critical infrastructure from a smartphone – anywhere, anytime. This reduces the cost of installation and maintenance by up to 80%. It is a game-changer for making off-grid solar a more cost-competitive alternative to traditional electric grid infrastructure for governments looking to keep costs down.


Helping connect remote locations. Harvesting the power of the sun

We provide fast, reliable, long-distance wireless transmission solutions capable of high throughputs across long distances in extreme environments using our Solar Systems, for connecting remote sites and delivering data transmission and real-time surveillance. In hazardous areas , we even provide ATEX certified ( Zone 1 and 2) transmission solutions allowing most areas to be connected .


Solis. An Integrated Hybrid Energy System. Harvesting energy from the sun. Designed to power assets at remote locations.

Solis opens up new possibilities for remote operational surveillance and internet service provision by using leading-edge technology. The vertically mounted solar panels form a cabinet to conceal and protect access to multiple switch and routing components, all working in harmony to generate power. The vertical alignment of the panels allows for the deployment of the system where space in a city centre is limited or where placement of the electronic equipment on the ground is a problem.

Key Features and benefits

  • 6x 140-watt panels vertically mounted

  • 1920-watt LiFePO4 Battery

  • Premium components designed and developed in the UK.

  • Intelligent Battery Management System optimizing energy usage

  • Automated management and control system via the Cloud ensuring autonomy

  • Weather resistant IP rated connection and controller boxes.

  • Easy to maintain

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Easy to deploy

  • Fits to most existing vertical poles



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