Connecting CCTV cameras wirelessly across a cement plant in Navi Mumbai . India

Situated at Kalamboli, in Navi Mumbai (formerly New Bombay), Bulk Cement Corporation (India) Limited – a subsidiary of ACC Limited caters to bulk cement requirements of the city of Mumbai. It has two cement storage silos with a capacity of 5,000 tons each. The plant has its own special purpose railway wagons and rakes and its own railway siding. The first of its kind in India, BCCI is equipped with all the facilities required by increasingly sophisticated construction sites in a bustling metropolis, including a laboratory, a fleet of specialized trucks and site silos for the convenience of customers and is capable of offering loose cement in bulk-tanker vehicles as well as packed cement in bags of varying sizes from 1 tonne down to 25 kg bags. BCCI is situated strategically on the outskirts of Mumbai, just off the new Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It is a landmark structure spread over 30 acres of land.

The Challenges

BCCI wanted to deploy a CCTV System across the site and monitor the situation from one central location. The movement of heavy vehicles across the site, the large area of land involved and the need to keep the level of disruption at a minimum – were the main challenges to be considered while planning and deploying the solution.

The Solution

Following a survey of the site which included path profiling and network planning and carrying out a POC at the location itself – Wavesight wireless radios capable of handling bandwidth of 27 Mpbs over distances of 1 km were deployed in the least amount of time and with minimal disruption to the day to day operations.

The Partners

The Systems Integrator involved was Technocrat Security Systems Limited who is based in Mumbai. The cameras deployed was from Bosch Security Systems – who is an innovative, global provider of high-quality security, safety, and communic