Wavesight has tied up with a leading Wi-Fi networking company in Europe, Galgus located in Spain. Established  7 years ago with a mission to unleash the full potential out of Wi-Fi networks. Galgus develop fast, reliable, robust, secure solutions adding value to the Wi-Fi network Technology. Currently handling over 1 Million users over 48 Projects worldwide. The technology , is based on artificial intelligence and is protected by 5 international patents (USA and Europe). In addition, Galgus  has one of the largest Wi-Fi labs in Europe (+500 real devices) to test and verify the product.

Under the name Dragon Fly, Wi-Fi 6 APs (access points) are  available with most advanced features at affordable prices. Allowing System Integrators and ISPs to increase their revenues by saving CAPEX and OPEX by 60%. The  APs can be deployed in multiple verticals such as aviation, rail, bus, industry 4.0, enterprise, retail and hospitality.

Dragon Fly Wi-Fi APs are equipped with dozens of advanced features that until now were forbidden to affordable Wi-Fi networks, such as automatic network optimization, remote management from the cloud, location, and monitoring of users, detection of hackers, heat mapping, advanced security, analytics, to name a few.

This is the age of constant connectivity. From mobile phones to smart homes to every device in between, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions can meet today’s demand for 24/7 connectivity. Our Wi-Fi 6 solutions are designed to offer consistent, high-speed performance, combined with low-latency in congested networks— redefining what it means to be truly wireless.