Providing a cost effective solution for Hindustan Petroleum. India

Providing a cost effective solution for Hindustan Petroleum. India

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) has O&D supply locations spread across length & breadth of the country. While 56 locations had already been covered with CCTV Systems (executed by SCORE Information Technologies Limited) – an additional 28 locations were being brought under an integrated video surveillance system or CCTV system. Secondly while a wired system was proposed in most of the locations – at a few locations, wireless system was proposed and deployed using wireless radios from Wavesight.

The broad objectives of the Integrated Video Surveillance system (IVSS) were as follows:

  • Access points monitoring with Motion Detection Alarms
  • Full perimeter coverage for detection of any intrusion
  • Enhancement of operational control by covering critical areas
  • Recording of camera outputs for analysing critical events

The IVSS deployed ensured effective security and surveillance of the area, created a tamper proof record for post event analysis and provided an on-line display of video images on monitors at the main control room as well as at the security control room by a select group of authorised users. In addition the IVSS also provided sophisticated tracking analytics with powerful filtering tools designed to detect significant activities in the plant like approaching vehicles and personal within or breaching the perimeter.

In conjunction with the System Integrator Score Information Technologies Limited, Wavesight helped design and recommend a cost effective solution at five locations – Jaipur, Ajmer, Palanpur, Budge Budge and Bahardurgarh involving 118 Wireless radios for a total of 198 PTZ and fixed cameras.