Wavesight provides an improved Wi-Fi Service at a 
football stadium in Seville.

One of the largest football stadiums in Spain, Real Betis Balompié,  had tried a number of International Wi-Fi providers, with limited success. With tens of thousands of spectators, multiple sources of interference and hundreds of journalists uploading multimedia content during matches, the challenge was to provide a network that was able to self-optimise and scale appropriately.

Wavesight, in partnership with Galgus, replaced the obsolete equipment from other manufacturers with its own access points , equipped with its CHT technology (Cognitive Hotspot Technology) for automatic network optimisation, as well as its Cloud Manager, the management and analytics platform in the cloud.

The success of this project has opened the door to other major stadiums in Spain and in Europe to design and deploy their Wi-Fi networks.

The network now supports many La Liga matches and the Copa del Rey Final in Spain , with more than 300 journalists and photographers making intensive use of the network, concurrently.