Wavesight provides an Improved Wi-Fi Service for a 
Hotel and Convention Centre in Spain

The hotel in Seville is considered one of the best hotels in Spain by national and international standards. In addition, its Convention Centre, is the largest in the city. In 2015, the Wi-Fi technology deployed in this hotel did not offer an acceptable quality of service, causing numerous complaints from guests as well as from organisers and participants at events and conferences.

Wavesight, along with its partner Galgus provided a fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network covering 295 rooms, 7 suites, 2 swimming pools, 4 bars and restaurants, lounges and common areas, as well as a huge congress area (more than 2000 square metres) which hosts more than 100
events per year.

Since the deployment in 2016 , the Hotel has received a ‘Best Rating Award‘ by clients staying in large hotels in Seville. The network also received a Wi-Fi rating of 8.9 on booking portal for hotels.