With more than 1600 students and 100 teachers, the Salesianos Santísima Trinidad School in Seville found itself with a Wi-Fi network that was deficient in terms of performance for today’s teaching needs. The school management needed a technology that could cope with hundreds of connected devices making intensive use of the network . Which also helped provide metrics and contextual maps of what was happening in the immediate vicinity.

Using 3D designs, we estimated the number of access points needed, as well as identified the most problematic areas. Using DragonFly, our Wi-Fi Access points and Cloud Manager, Wavesight in partnership with Galgus, has deployed a quality service for the students and teachers.

Students now enjoy seamless streaming connections. The school management controls the connections by authentication through our Network Enhancer. In addition, Chromecast devices can also be connected to the system. Lastly inappropriate surfing by pupils was limited .