Providing quality, user-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity for a town, city and rural councils at an affordable price is not easy. It is not enough to provide quality Internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi network must meet the highest standards of security (WPA3 & Passpoint), robustness (automatic network optimisation), flexibility and ease of operation (from our unified management centre in the cloud). In addition, they must provide contextual information to administrators to help with their decision making (network analytics, hacker detection and mitigation, counting, heat maps).

Wavesight, along with our partner Galgus, provides a mature solution, ready to be installed in any environment. Working together, with a local ISP, our deployments include nationwide networks from towns and villages to entire rural areas.

Since 2019, our Wi-Fi solution for connected villages, towns and cities has provided Internet access to subscribers, which today are in excess of 1 Million. And growing.