The ground is shifting beneath the feet of power utilities. From fossil fuels to renewables, from centralized to distributed energy generation, and from cumbersome, manual processes to smart, automated systems. Renewable energy generation by consumers and advances in battery storage are also bringing enormous changes to the way the distribution grid works.

In this new landscape, utilities are striving to modernize power grids and optimize grid performance to dynamically balance supply with demand – while seeking to reduce the expense and complexity of managing multiple field area networks (FANs) that connect the applications and devices that monitor, control and automate various grid functions.

The old wireless networks are beginning to feel the strain and realizing the productivity benefits of digitalization and automation will require a new communications infrastructure. One that can also offer a platform for new associated business models and, as always, make sure, safety and reliability remain a priority.

An Industrial-grade Private Wireless provides efficient, reliable mission-critical connectivity for all grid equipment, applications and personnel on a dedicated converged network.

A secure private network offers the capacity to cope with the growing volume and variety of data while utilizing Quality of Service (QoS) for priority treatment of mission-critical traffic to realize the required performance. Resilient, highly available connectivity enables more efficient ways of working in the field. And with LTE/4.9G technology today, and a seamless transition to 5G tomorrow, Private Wireless can empower your move to smart grids right now – and help you make them even smarter in the future.


  • SCADA – Traditional and IEC 61850

  • Distributed generation and storage

  • Distribution system teleprotection

  • Advanced metering infrastructure

  • Distribution automation

  • Wind farm

  • Workforce data and video

  • Microgrids, Home area networks

  • Demand response

  • Synchro phasors in distribution network

  • Wide area situational awareness

  • Flexible AC transmission systems

  • Dynamic line rating

  • Drones

  • Field force AR/VR



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